About Us

More than ever, people are exploring opportunities to make a difference in the world. Whether you are transitioning careers, building your first e-commerce website, freelancing alone or looking to launch a new company, we aim to provide honest, well-researched educational resources to serve your cause. 

Angela Mooney


For over a decade, I’ve created memorable experiences for executives of Fortune 500 companies, Government Technology Partners, Startups and Entrepreneurs.  Startups and entrepreneurs are my passion. Many times I’ve joined organizations as the first group of employees with teams under 10 working with distributed, boot-strapped teams sharing insights and creating change through effective market penetration strategies.  At the core of my heart, I’m a business analyst with a passion for providing amazing experiences to others. My focus and passion drives my commitment to developing educational material that allows entry level freelancers and entrepreneurs implement project management, marketing and business development systems to scale.  My passion stems from being a military spouse and stay at home mother over the past decade with limited career options from location to location. Remote work was my only stable option for increasing my presence as an unstoppable force within my profession. Now, more than ever, it is time to give my knowledge and experiences back to those who need it the most. The world of Freelancing Entrepreneurs is growing, and I  know I will help.

Keegan Mooney

​ I believe in treating your human capital like Humans. If you put 110% of your efforts into helping others in a place that facilitates growth and education, your people will put 1000% back into you and your business. Over the course of my career I’ve spent my time collecting and interpreting data to study critical components of what it takes to meet business and organizational objectives while serving in the United States Marine Corps. My journey began as an infantryman and transitioned into a human resources role allowing for me to recruit, train, develop and resolve conflict within various units over the last decade. Armed with an official Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Human Resources education and volunteer history allows me to expand my knowledge to veterans transitioning out of the military and entrepreneurs looking to build effective teams.

What we value

Honesty breeds a business that scale. Every piece of content will provide value. We believe in quality over quantity. 

Love what you do and who you do it for. Creating memorable relationships that last are the key to building a successful business or career. 

Business is not just a transaction, it’s a way to connect with others.  Focus on building a community that believes in your product, that believes in you is what our education aims to do.