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It's not about the knowledge you have, it's how you use it.

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Building and Strengthening Customer Relationships with Data

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” — Sherlock Holmes

Customer data creates synergy between a brand and the target user when a company can interpret the data and develop algorithmic models for testing and improving relationships.

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Identifying Project Characteristics

Believe it or not, the set of tasks sitting on your desk are projects. They have a set scope statement, a schedule and a list of activities that need to be completed prior to moving on to a greater event or activity. Often, professionals may make the mistake of diminishing a value of a task by not escalating it to a project, and it may sit for days, weeks or even months unfinished because it’s lacking the proper project controls.

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Lead With Your Buyer’s Perspective

Picture this. An opportunity presents itself to facilitate improvement or solve a problem. Where do you go? More than likely you place your inquiry using a search engine. Immediately you’re encapsulated with overwhelming information sources to process.

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